Module stakkr.actions

Stakkr main controller. Used by the CLI to do all its actions

class stakkr.actions.StakkrActions(base_dir: str, ctx: dict)[source]

Main class that does actions asked in the cli

console(container: str, user: str, tty: bool)[source]

Enter a container (stakkr allows only apache / php and mysql)

exec_cmd(container: str, user: str, args: tuple, tty: bool)[source]

Run a command from outside to any container. Wrapped into /bin/sh


Once started, stakkr displays a message with the list of launched containers.

start(pull: bool, recreate: bool)[source]

If not started, start the containers defined in config


Returns a nice table with the list of started containers


If started, stop the containers defined in config. Else throw an error